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Each SHOWBIZ member has a unique opportunity to
be a part of film industry and enjoy benefits

  • Backstage meetings and photos with Stars and crew
  • VIP invitations to special events and premieres
  • Present your story to Hollywood scriptwriters
  • Opportunity to become an actor
  • Success share in the film
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SHOWBIZ mission is to change the course of the film industry with blockchain based utility token ecosystem that enables the public to participate in the film production business. Our final result is beautifully designed, user-friendly and intuitive web-based platform that will create membership based film production community and provide the opportunity for SHOWBIZ contributors to benefit from film industry as well as be involved into film production process.


Invitations to attend special events, world premieres, after-show parties and private screenings. Unforgetable expierence to be surounded with professionals in the film industry, including the press, photographers and actors.

Opportunity to appear in the movie it self as an extra by uploading your photo and profile to our cast list database as well as getting the direct opportunity to present your idea to the professional Hollywood screenwriters

Success share in the film. SHOWBIZ will continually disrupt film industry as we know it by becoming most popular ecosystem for film industry influencers, global cinema talent marketplace and community intelligence platform for movie production.

Possibility to meet cast and crew backstage, photos with the stars, personal access to SHOWBIZ clients service system, IMDB listing.



Unlike any other industry, the film business is built almost entirely on passion and momentum. These two elements, though hard to quantify, may dictate the life of a project. In other words, being on the brink of a greenlight creates much more tension and excitement than even closing a high-rise in Manhattan, because it materially impacts the filmmakers’ longstanding dreams. As such, acting as the catalyst that sparks production creates immense leverage.

Investing in an independent film with a smaller production budget offers the chance to make more profit with less risk than a film with a large budget, where overheads need to be recouped before investors will see a return.

By investing in the movie, it is important to know in which recoupment position is placed your investment. We always choose the first position in the recoupment waterfall, plus adding 20 % premium.

Our team members have been working with such kind of companies as Universal, Sony studios, Sy-Fy, Endemol, Millennium Films and many more. The films our team members participated as Producers, Directors or Executive Producers has attracted a stellar cast including Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Gerald Butler, Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Billy Bob-Thornton, Ron Perlman, Kevin McKidd and others.


The knowledge and experience our team acquired while developing and producing for more than 20 years will demonstrate our singular ability to utilize technologically based, next generation development to fulfil the new demand for film and television projects budgeted in this range that the studios rarely produce but still require to balance out their distribution schedule. While our current slate of projects is ready to go and ideally suited to fill this niche, we will gradually add films that will be budgeted at $60,000,000 and above, created specifically for partnership with the studios at the pre-production stage.

Furthermore, new easy to use and visionary SHOWBIZ platform will empower its contributors to became a part of film production industry thru attractive incentive program. It will be the biggest crowd wisdom community platform for film producers and will definitely change the history course of film industry.


Many film investment opportunities also offer you the chance to be part of the glitz and glamour of the film industry. SHOWBIZ is no exception, as part of your contribution you (or your family members) can appear in the movie as an extra, attend the film premier and other red-carpet events and have your name appear in the credits at the end of the film for all to see.

By contributing to SHOWBIZ each member has a unique opportunity to be a part of film industry. You don’t need to live in Los Angeles or to know people in the film industry!



Project 1 Launch

The start of the feature film “The Last Draw of Jack of Hearts” (Directed and written by Guy Moshe, staring Josh Hartnett).


Project 2 Launch

The start of the feature film “001 Lithium X” (staring James D’Arcy, Delroy Lindo, Gina McKee) Almost 90 % of the project is already finished.

MAY 2017

Showbiz platform concept

Film production platform concept notes, architecture, team building.


Showbiz token presale


Project 1 delivery

"The Last Draw of Jack of Hearts" (Josh Hartnett, Ron Perlman, James D'Arcy).Pre-ICO Showbiz funds will be used to finance final "last-money-in" stage of the film. World wide premiere in 2018. The Project will serve as a SHOWBIZ proof of concept.


Showbiz token sales

Token creation events will take place after ICO is finished and will be issued on NEMblockchan platform. Before token creation allfunds will be audited as well as token creation Smart contract.

MARCH 2018

Project 2 delivery

"001 Lithium X" James D'Arcy, Delroy Lindo, Gina McKee). Pre-ICO Showbiz funds will be used to finance final "last-money-in" stage of the film. World wide premiere in 2018. The Project will serve as a SHOWBIZ proof of concept.


SHOWBIZ platform (V.1)

Public launch of SHOWBIZ platform (version 1) with upgraded user experience, allowing contributors to support our Crowdistom database, check available film projects list, statistic of ongoing projects, engage into new projects and participate in film production process thru SHOWBIZ membership program.


Project 3 and 4 launch

Investment and Pre-production of 2 feature films (budgets from 5mln. to 15 milion). Genre of the feature film: thriller, syfy, comedy. Wish list cast: Brad Pitt, Mathew McConaughey, Natalie Portman.


SHOWBIZ platform (V.2)

Public launch of SHOEBIZ platform (version 2) with upgraded user experience and new mobile app (Android, iOS). SHOWBIZ platform will be integrated with other popular blockchain platforms.


Project 4 and 6 launch

Investment and Pre-production of 2 feature films (budgets from 5mln. to 20 milion). Genre of the feature film: thriller, syfy, comedy. Wish list cast: Brad Pitt, Mathew McConaughey, Natalie Portman.

JUNE 2019

SHOWBIZ platform (V.3)

Public launch of SHOEBIZ platform (version 3) with enriched and upgraded user experience, allowing SHOWBIZ contributors intensify their involvement in film production industry.

JUNE 2019



Starting his career in Hollywood as a writer, he had sold and optioned a couple of screenplays to notable companies such as Millennium Films and Bergman Lustig .
In 2008, Guy started preparing his second feature, 30 million budget film BUNRAKU. The film attracted a stellar cast including Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore, Ron Perlman, and Kevin McKidd.
Since then, Guy has successfully entered the world of TV. In the last few years, he has worked with Sony studios, Endemol, Universal and the SyFy channel.

Guy Moshe

Director. Writer. Producer

Jason Piette is a producer and film financier with over 50 movies and TV series to his name, including the $25M The Merchant Of Venice starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons; Head In The Clouds ($20M) starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz, (both for Sony Pictures Classics); and the $33M Napoleon TV series for A & E in the United States. He has fifteen years’ experience in international film sales since 2001, acquiring and driving sales for a wide range of films including Andrew Nicoll’s Lord Of War, and Scott Stewart’s Legion. He attended Cambridge University.

Jason Piette

Film and TV Producer/ Executive Producer

Glenn has over 20 years experience in sales, distribution, finance, packaging and acquisitions in the film industry. He has worked at companies such as Quadra, Helkon, Capitol, VIP Medienfonds, Atlas and V International Media having secured international pre-sales, private equity, licensed international and domestic distribution rights.
Commercially and critically acclaimed titles from the above companies include: Father of Invention, Edge of Love, The Crow Salvation, Rollerball, Legionnaire, Two Girls and A Guy, Lucky Number Slevin, John Carpenter’s Vampires, Malcolm X, Alpha Dog, Lord of War.
He attended University California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law and the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, Producers Program - Masters. He is a member of the California State Bar.

Glenn K. Ackermann

Producer/ Executive Producer

Born in Western Pennsylvania, Matthew’s L.A. story began in 2001 when he landed a job at New Regency. Within the year, Matt went to managing Regency’s international theatrical marketing, distribution and worldwide home video. This role gave him unique insight into studio level marketing and distribution, dealing daily with both of Regency’s partners, Fox and Warner Brothers.

Matthew G. Zamias


Born in Taipei and raised in Brazil and Canada, Christopher is a Film & TVC producer/director and business entrepreneur, focused in the entertainment and media industry based in the Asia‐Pacific region.
Currently, he’s the Executive Producer and Head of International CoProductions at Immortal Pictures/Who’sWho Culture Industry Group (WsW), based in Beijing, China.
WsW has currently co‐financed a slate of films from Paramount Pictures and Sony Columbia Pictures Entertainment, including STAR TREK: BEYOND, NEED FOR SPEED 2, JACK REACHER: NEVER COME BACK and the remake of BEN‐HUR, directed by Timur Bekmambetov. Under Chris’ advisory, WsW has also acquired the Chinese distribution rights for GHOSTBUSTERS, THE SHALLOWS, the U.S. remake of THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES, starring Julia Roberts and HEIST/BUS 657, starring Robert DeNiro.

Christopher Chen

Film & TVC producer/director and business entrepreneur

Professional manager and investor. Giedrius has a great experience in the field of manufacturing industries. The last few years he has dedicated his time, energy and investments to Blockchain Economy and Crypto Community.

Giedrius Labuckas

FinTech expert, investment and economy Committee Chairman

Started his journey in show business as music label Marketing Director representing companies such as Universal Music, Sony/BMG. Lately in the road he had opened his TV production company and finally landed to Hollywood film business field.

Karolis Malinauskas


Blockchain engineer, social developer and a game changer

Vytautas Kašėta

Blockchain engineer, social developer and a game changer

Specializing in clients research worldwide and international financing for independent films.

Egidijus Jakavonis

Executive producer

Passionate blockchain visionary, experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in ICT industry (management position) with big projects as „Lithuanian documentaries on the Internet (e-cinema)" project budget - 2,73 mln. Euros and the creation of the Electronic Archive Information System (EAIS).

Andrius Bartminas

ICO Manager

Saulius has more then twelve years of experience in B2C and B2B sales, delivering enterprise-level projects, building and leading high performing teams and developing business. His social skills allow to easily relate to a wide range of people and lead teams to success. He is an expert in technologies and holds a master's degree in Business Administration Management and Economics

Saulius Baltrėnas

Business development Manager, CTO

Responsibility for delivering Showbiz platform solutions for customers using newest blockchain technologies.
Responsibility for Business and requirements analysis, logical and physical design and design of architecture of platform. Management of project teams.

Anton Kamon

Architect/ Technical team group leader
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